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Who better to advise you on what you should be listening to, than the bands you should be listening to?

We are: The Weekly Mix Tape, a website dedicated to musical exploration. You are: Someone who wants to hear about good music from the horse’s mouth.

Every week, we ask the best new bands out there to put together a collection of songs that have inspired them, and to tell us why. We aim to offer you a unique view inside the heads of the most exciting new musical figures, providing an intimate soundtrack to their own lives. What makes them get up in the morning? What makes them cry? And what other musical tips are they itching to share with you?

Based in Joburg, SA, our dedicated teams are trawling the airwaves, targeting the next big things for their contributions. Whilst they are

beavering away, we want to know from YOU: who would write your ideal mix?

Answers by email to Natalie@theweeklymixtape.com, and we’ll harass them into submission

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