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Luca, Paul, Jonathan, Stefano, Federico, Giulia- A CLASSIC EDUCATION

"I just close my eyes and a million different movies start."

A Classic Education

GONE to Sea is the opening track from Bologna-based six-piece, A Classic Education’s latest EP Hey There Stranger. Full of endearing, floaty notes, and vocals that hint at The Shins, there’s a sincerity to the music that results in a happy restfulness. In order to better acquaint themselves, with you, dear reader, each member has contributed a song to this mix – their first. “We’ve never made a compilation together, we've been a flying band so far,” they told The Weekly Mix Tape, “we can't wait to get in the van to jam to some compilation tapes.”



Available on: Hey There Stranger EP

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TWIN SHADOW - Tyrant Destroyed

Luca: "My personal trusted music-pusher recommended this the other day, and he never gets one wrong!"

Available on: Forget - Still to be released

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Paul: "Straight kick melody that just sticks. You can start doing or making anything you want, it'll come out perfect."

Available on: There is Love in you

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HOUSES - Endless Spring

Jonathan: "Houses are on our label Lefse, and wow, as soon as I heard this song I thought the blips were all wrong. Then I started thinking it was magic. The slow breaks in the song are just incredible."

Available on: All Night - Still to be released

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THOM YORKE - The Eraser

Stefano: "Musically, I love electronic treatments of pianos, minimalism and the idea that the song is weird but in four. We could talk for hours about the voice, I just love the song and I think that in a simple way it gives the idea of the thesis and anti-thesis that can happen in a romantic relationship!"

Available on: The Eraser

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TENNIS - Baltimore

Federico: "A soft and gracious voice that floats among the guitar melodies and the fast paced drums - what a good match!"

Available on: Baltimore EP

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Giulia: "I just close my eyes and a million different movies start."

Available on: Logos

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STEREOLAB - Velvet Water

Jonathan: "Stereolab is a band I was always aware of but never really followed. I've since discovered this song from their '99 record and now need to go back and buy so much of their stuff!"

Available on: Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night

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