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Laudo Liebenberg, aKING

"I just want to pack my bags and hit the road when I hear this."


WHEN it comes to writing and producing music that pulls at our proudly-South African heartstrings, aKING are tugging hard. Responsible for the beautiful Safe as Houses, The Dance, Against All Odds, You and I and others, the boys from Belville are churning out great songs and, in the space of three years, three full-length albums. On their latest, The Red Blooded Years, they switch starting-member Hunter Kennedy for Thieve front man Andrew Davenport, who contributes added vocals, along with Hennie van Halen, the result of which “brings an intrinsic dynamic” to the album.


The Runaround

Available on: Red Blooded Years

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THIN LIZZY - Renegade

Renegade is one of my favourite songs of all time; I love this band.

Available on: Renegade

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ARCADE FIRE - City with no Children

If this song doesn't get your feet moving, then you need therapy.

Available on: The Suburbs

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BILLY JOEL - Sleeping with the Television on

Glass Houses changed my life; I wish I'd written this album.

Available on: Glass Houses

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ADELE - Rolling in the Deep

I got goosebumps when I saw the video for Adele's Rolling in the Deep; this is one of the best songs play-listed at the moment. Her vocal range is incredible.

Available on: 21

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This song feels like African-folk metal; it's way ahead of its time.

Available on: Tango in the Night

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This song is completely original and it has the coolest sounds and ryhthms.

Available on: Odd Blood

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I just want to pack my bags and hit the road when I hear this.

Available on: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

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