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Jaco van der Merwe, BITTEREINDER

"I told Shane (of Desmond and the Tutus) that I wanted them to install themselves in a corner of my house so I could just listen to them whenever I wanted."


BITTEREINDER is Jaco van der Merwe, Louis Minaar and Peach van Pletzen. A teacher at a Tswana high school, van der Merwe distributes mixes of dangerous, underground rap, electro and alternative artists among his students: “I like to think that with some fresh music I’m broadening their horizons,” he says. And what do they think of Bittereinder‘s observational rap on debut album 'n Ware Verhaal? “None of them get more than 40% for Afrikaans as a second language, so the lyrics are like a foreign language. I want to distribute copies of Buckfever Underground's Teaching Afrikaans as a Foreign Language to rectify this disturbing problem."


Ware Verhaal

Available on: 'n Ware Verhaal

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DEEPSPACE5 - Beat the Rap

Deepspace5 is my favourite rap group, featuring eight of my favourite poets, writers, rappers and emcees. This track brings them all together in a tight concept, set in a courtroom. They take turns to accuse each other of a mysterious crime; it's all tongue-in-cheek and super witty.

Available on: The Future Ain't What it Used to Be

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LISTENER - Falling in Love with Glaciers

I wish I was Listener! This guy always comes out with the coolest projects, including a yearly Tour of Homes, super-cool underground albums and tons of spoken word gems. This is one of my current favourites, off his newest album Wooden Heart. I love and appreciate, and am tremendously inspired, by the simultaneous simplicity and depth of Listener’s lyrics.

Available on: Wooden Heart

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BLINDSIDE - About a Burning Fire

When Blindside came to South Africa in 2006 I went to five of their six shows. Including Joburg and Durban in two days; I drove through the morning after the gig at Tempo's to watch them at Burn. I love this band - everything about them. This song captures who they are perfectly; it will be inside me until I die, probably even after that.

Available on: About a Burning Fire

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SUFJAN STEVENS - Vito's Ordination Song

Sufjan's visionary lyric and music writing has changed my entire worldview in the last five years. This is most probably my favourite song of his.

Available on: Greetings from Michigan, the Great Lake State

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MARS ILL - Breathe Slow

Breathe Slow is a hip hop anthem from one of my all-time favourite rap groups that'll stick with me forever.

Available on: Backbreakanomics

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FULKA - Not that we have Already Attained

My good friend Ola Kobak, and her band Fulka, released their album a month or two ago. It is indescribably beautiful. Their genre is aptly described as "folktronica" and this is my current favourite off the album. I want Fulka to play at my wedding.

Available on: The Mystery of the Seven Stars

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DESMOND AND THE TUTUS - Saggy Bottom Speedo Swimmer

The first time I saw Desmond and the Tutus live in 2006 they changed my life. I told Shane (Desmond and the Tutu's frontman) that I wanted them to install themselves in a corner of my house so I could just listen to them whenever I wanted. This song captures all their wit and boogey vibes!

Available on: Tuckshop

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