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"[Ghosts] is wonderful piece of '80s pop/prog that we are all gagging to add to our Dutch Uncles' karaoke repertoire!"

Dutch Uncles

"WE would name this mixtape after our long-suffering tour manager and his van, as this was the place (one day during our recent tour) where we had fun creating it," says Manchester math-pop band Dutch Uncles. "'Musco's Bus Co. Mixtape Vol. 1' it is." FYI: The term 'Dutch Uncle' refers to a person who "issues frank, harsh, and severe comments and criticism to educate, encourage, or admonish someone". Now you know. The song you can hear here is the Egyptian Hip Hop remix of their single The Ink.


The Ink

Available on: The Ink (EP)

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Duncan: "We took this band on our last tour and they proved that they have a ruthless live set at their disposal. This song is the ‘eye of the storm’, so to speak, and it's where a lot of other bands would fall short, but the vocal style, in relation to the ethereal guitar/synth, add an arm's length reality, saving it from an oversensitive approach. It’s an outstanding effort, and shows for a promising LP when they get round to making one."

Available on: Small Waves (EP)

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ARCADE FIRE - We Used to Wait

Andy: "I feel I missed the boat with Arcade Fire and never really got into them first (or second) time round. It was the rather innovative Google Chrome-based music video for this song that twisted my ear. This was quickly followed by a few thorough listens to the album and a very belated realisation that they are an awesome power in guitar music."

Available on: The Suburbs

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Duncan: "I’ve been trying to listen to every YMO album at once at the moment. This song, from their album Technodelic, is probably the closest they get to being Japan’s Talking Heads. The song basically works around the D chord, but it’s not to be sniffed at as the bilingual vocals show how subliminally pop they could be. The video for this song is genius, and highly recommended in understanding its cultural context."

Available on: Technodelic

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JAPAN - Ghosts

Robin: "Ghosts was the lead single off Japan’s final album Tin Drum and truly shows off David Sylvian’s songwriting brilliance. Full of obscure synthesized sound effects and dissonant chord developments, the feature that particularly floats our boat is the synth xylophone that kicks off the mammoth chorus. A wonderful piece of '80s pop/prog that we are all gagging to add to our Dutch Uncles karaoke repertoire!"

Available on: Exorcising Ghosts

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GZA the Genius - Labels

Pete: "The track Labels off GZA's now legendary 1995 classic Liquid Swords continues to throw my mind around like a rag doll when I listen to it. To anyone planning to enter the music industry, take GZA's invaluable advice and "Always read the label"! This basically sums up GZA's cynical affiliation to the world of music he has now learnt to wield, and, in return, unsympathetically dismembers its vital organs in his no nonsense rhyming.Labels is a malicious, rough and ready dark stab of metaphorical madness conjured up by GZA and depicts the throwing of AR's overboard into the Atlantic and Virgin microphones. But once again, GZA sets the harrowing scene tightly tied up in one of his coldest maiming beats. This is a must for any angry musician."

Available on: Liquid Swords

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MICHAEL TIPPETT - Concerto For Double String Orchestra

Robin: "I first heard this Tippett piece while at college. Compared to his other symphonic pieces, this one features a lot more tonal elements and loads of divine syncopated rhythms. I rediscovered the piece recently when I stumbled across our producer Brendan Williams listening to it in the studio before a long recording session in the summer, and it's been topping my Spotify playlists since. Tippett is arguably one of the best British composers of all time and the three movements of Concerto for Double String Orchestra are some of his finest work, in my opinion."

Available on: Tippett: Concerto for Double String Orchestra

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DIRE STRAITS - On Every Street

Sped: "Mark Knopfler is, undeniably, a guitar- riff master and great singer/songwriter. His playing style is unique and many others, and myself, mimic a lot of the sounds he generated first-hand, today. Musically our band is very guitar driven, as are Dire Straits, so it’s not surprising to find that we listen and like them. I can’t stop listening to this song at the moment. It’s not typical of them to have almost 3 minutes of predominantly piano and synth with occasional guitar lines. Usually they get to the point quicker, but it’s well worth the wait when the mammoth outro riff kicks. I’m a huge fan of songs that bring in an ending out of nowhere, and this is one of the best."

Available on: On Every Street

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