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"When I hear this song, I am seven years old again; sitting in the backseat of my parent's silver Opel Kadett,"

Fire Through The Window

FIRE Through The Window began as a pet project between two love-birds, Marc De La Querra and Sinead Dennis. Recording their debut album in a couple of weeks, and never expecting it to be released, lead single Just Like You Are was a catchy and sugary sweet message between the two that not only gave a taster of things to come but was also selected as the official song for the Apple iPod Nano television campaign. This year sees the release of the band’s third album, All These People Are Golden. Here, Sinead lists seven of the most beautiful songs she could find and, while she's at it, tells you about that time she saw the Easter Bunny



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Last year February I flew over to Europe. The first time I heard this song, I was walking to the tube station one cold and rainy London morning. Now, every time I listen to it, I can picture the grey sky, the nip in the air and the wonderful feeling I had of being in a city that was not my own. The song accompanied me all the way to Ireland, along with the cold and the rain. My nose felt permanently like an ice block attached to the end of my face. Okkervil River was my sound track to drinking Guiness in the bustling city of Dublin, my boat races in the canals of Glendalough, where I also spent time searching for the Glenda-Lough-ness monster, and my fast and furious double-decker bus ride along the coast of Malahide.

Available on: Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See

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JOANNA NEWSOM - Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie

I fell in love with Joanna Newsom's music from the first second I heard it. Many of my friends however did not share my passion for her particularly whiney, harp-folk music. When I was in second year we all spent many sleepless nights on campus crunching away at our deadlines. The nine of us, who made up the entire multimedia class, had our very own computer lab and were usually the only nine people on campus after 3am in the morning. To ease our exhaustion we would all take turns to play a song for the rest of the group. I managed to play half of Joanna Newsom's album, The Milk-Eyed Mender and one or two songs off her EP Walnut Whales, before I was banned from ever partaking in this activity again.

Available on: The Milk-Eyed Mender

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During my honours year I met a lovely boy by the name of Christopher, we became friends almost immediately after discovering each other's fixation with Joanna Newsom. One afternoon, on the long car drive home from varsity, Chris handed me a disc with a little pig drawn on it. Above the pig, in neat blue writing, were the words “The Decemberists and other such presents”. On The Bus Mall caught my attention with its opening lyrics that sing about matching blue raincoats. Isn't that a pretty thought? Mariners Revenge, off the same album, is a close second favourite of mine. In fact when Chris and I spent a month together in Cape Town, for our internships, we sat one night planning a stage adaptation to this ten minute epic only to discover on YouTube that it has already been performed a billion times.

Available on: Picaresque

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This is the saddest song I have ever heard. What made it even more tragic was reading about Smith's suicide in October 2003. It is still so beautiful, none-the-less.

Available on: From A Basement On The Hill

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When I hear this song, I am seven years old again; sitting in the backseat of my parent's silver Opel Kadett and we are on the way to Durban for a family holiday. We loved Durban so much we eventually moved here when I was about ten. One year my parents decided to take my sister and I to Durban for the Easter Holiday. That same year my father had entered a competition and won the largest chocolate Easter Bunny I have ever seen. My parents couldn't take a giant chocolate rabbit with us on the trip, and my sister and I still believed in the Easter Bunny, so that year we celebrated Easter a few days early. The night before we left for Durban my parents woke us up, giggling with excitement saying, 'The Easter Bunny knew we were leaving tomorrow so he's here now! He's in the garden and he's hiding your eggs!' We jumped out of bed and ran outside to find our entire family waiting; ready to help us on our egg hunt. Now when I say my family went all out for these occasions, you must realise just how 'all out' I mean. I'm talking about an Easter egg hunt in the dark, our paths lit with hundreds of little birthday cake candles, bunny footprints made out of flour and a giant, two metre tall chocolate bunny waiting for us at the end. I think we eventually had to melt him down into chocolate sauce!

Available on: Rumours

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Ok, so Julia Stone sounds a lot like Joanna Newsom... but I REALLY love this band anyway. I met Christopher, the same friend who introduced me to the Decemberists, for milkshakes in early January this year. We hadn't seen each other in ages and he gave me the Angus and Julia Stone album, a Tallest Man on Earth album and a little yellow felt-badge as my Christmas gift. Come to think about it, while we were baking Nigella's triple chocolate cookies at my house the other night he mentioned something about their second album. I think I should give him a call...

Available on: A Book Like This

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FILTER - God Damn Me

Okay, okay, so I'm going to get all soppy for the last one. Filter's God Damn Me, makes it to this list because it was the song that was playing when Marc and I first kissed. Aw! There, I said it. Not the most romantic of lyric choice but the song succeeded in building up our inner teenage angst enough to get our lips together for the first time. In some ways, depending on how you look at it, that's where Fire Through The Window began. So next time anyone asks us who our influences are, I guess we better mention Filter.

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