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"This reminds me of what Mumford & Sons might have sounded like had they stayed true to their roots."

Holiday Murray

HOLIDAY Murray released their self-titled debut album this year, the lead single of which is called Jirey. The single's music video was filmed over the course of a sunny March day by cinematographer Adriaan Louw and assistant director Luca Vincenzo, and features the four-piece cycling around Cape Town in white safari suits and colourful neck ties - which they thankfully lose as the day progresses. Ellis Silverman had the tough job of riding an old delivery bike for 23 hours of filming, Chris Carter got the one with the basket, while James Tuft and Justin Davenport got the cruisers. Chris takes a break from it all for a moment to compile this great mix.



Available on: Holiday Murray

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This song has an incredible soundscape. Watson uses many different instruments and non-instruments (in particular, a bicycle wheel) to create a beautiful picture of the city itself. My favourite part is the percussive break in the middle, a cacophony of wild energy that really takes you on a different journey before throwing you right back into the main mood of the song.

Available on: Wooden Arms

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THE HEAD AND THE HEART - Down in the Valley

This is one of those rare and beautiful songs that gives you equal and intense feelings of joy and melancholy simultaneously. The time changes from an opening 3/4 intro, with a violin part that just aches with nostalgia, to a driving 4/4 section with ascending piano part that raises the song to a level of sincere and powerful emotion, and then takes you right back again to end.

Available on: The Head and the Heart

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FLEET FOXES - Helplessness Blues

A new single from one of my favourite bands ever, this song completely blew me away on first listen. A rousing, roots-folk guitar riff with Robin Pecknold's incomparable voice and accompanying harmonies suddenly gives way to an expansive, nomadic journey of sound. The lyrics speak of the beauty of very simple things, a message that rings very true indeed

Available on: Helplessness Blues

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The clever use of interwoven rhythms and natural harmonies give this song a really infectious feeling of movement. With simple stomp-clap percussion and a sparse (but by no means hollow) instrumentation, this reminds me of what Mumford & Sons might have sounded like had they stayed true to their roots.

Available on: To the North

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OH NO! OH MY! - I Love you all the Time

This song is impossible to get out of your head. Twitchy electronic beats jump into what sounds like a medieval folk-song played in double time, but which turns out to be a fierce-paced vocal break complete with guitar, flute and incessantly catchy melody. The whole thing is over before you can figure out what's really happening, which only adds to the need to listen to it again, and again, and again.

Available on: Oh No! Oh My!

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RADICAL FACE - Welcome Home

I love the way this song feels as if it's been blown in by the wind. Gentle claps keep it moving at a steady pace, and the chorus is emotionally rending to a degree that can only be soothed by singing (shouting, crying) along with it. One of those harmonic moments that resonates right through to the bones.

Available on: Ghost

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The haunting voice of singer Nate Lacy give this song an instantly ethereal quality, which is complemented by the ghostly sounds that drift in the background. The instruments are mixed in such a way that much of the music sounds far away, while other parts are so close they seem to be bouncing inside your head. That juxtaposition fills a lot of space, in many ways.

Available on: Mimicking Birds

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