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"Devendra Banhart is my morning music. I put it on when pottering around the flat."


ISLET hail from Cardiff. That's in Wales. Their mini album, recorded by the band in a Welsh barn and a Cardiff bedroom, is a maelstrom of wails, manic drumming, clanging guitar strums and primal energy. In other words, it's wonderful. Want to know which song Mark makes his morning cuppa to? Or which song the band listened to just last night? For your info, Mark's called the mix 'Juan' but we couldn't possibly tell you why.


ISLET - Jasmine

Available on: Celebrate This Place (Mini Album)

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SIC ALPS - L. Mansion

I don't know much at all about this band but I love this track. I've got quite into a lot of American bands that I lump in with this one, such as Ganglians, Thee Oh Sees etc.

Available on: L. Mansion (Single)

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CARIBOU - Odessa

Caribou clearly thinks long and hard about every track and the production is sensational - this track is such an unexpected change from things he has done before but it works brilliantly.

Available on: Swim

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I can't stop listening to this at the moment - Devendra Banhart is my morning music. I put it on when pottering around the flat. I have tried other things but nothing works quite as well for me as good old DB.

Available on: Rejoicing in the Hands

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This is one of my all time favourite songs. Growing up in Wales I always felt a strong connection to the Furries.

Available on: Radiator

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PROCOL HARUM - A Whiter Shade of Pale

I watched a documentary on the BBC about British prog music and this is the song that stuck out for me. I knew it already but I went and bought a copy of their greatest hits and have listened to this song a lot of times since!

Available on: A Whiter Shade of Pale (Single)

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FUTURE OF THE LEFT - You Need Satan More Than He Needs You

This is a big beast of a song from our Cardiff friends FOTL, taken from their second album.

Available on: Travels with Myself and Another

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AT THE DRIVE-IN - One Armed Scissors

We just listened to this as we were packing up our equipment last night and we always jump around and can't believe how good it is! I also regularly watch their performance on Jools Holland, on the web, as it's inspirational.

Available on: Relationship of Command

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