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"I've been singing this one in the shower a lot lately."

Lady Lazarus

Lady Lazarus (a.k.a. Melissa Ann Sweat), from San Jose, California, USA, creates lo-fi repetitive piano tunes upon which carries a haunting vocal. She also does a great cover of Daniel Johnston's The Story of an Artist, which you can hear here. "The last time I made a mix tape was for a show, 'Women Who Don't Disappoint Me' on SCAD Radio in Savannah, Georgia," says Lady Lazarus. "I was asked to go on air and share some of my favourite songs by female artists. A few appear on this mix tape, too."


LADY LAZARUS - The Eye in the Eye of the Storm

Available on: Mantic

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LYKKE LI - Sadness is a Blessing

"I love the expressive, really well-acted video to this song, and the dramatic, retro instrumentals. This song makes me want to do a sad vodka-laden dance, as well."

Available on: Wounded Rhymes

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JOANNA NEWSOM - In California

"California is my heart, my home ... 'If you come and see me, you will upset the order. / You cannot come and see me, for I set myself apart. / But when you come and see me in California, / You cross the border of my heart'."

Available on: Have One on Me (Soundtrack)

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LANA DEL REY - Video Games

"I've been singing this one in the shower a lot lately, and am as obsessed with this song and Lana Del Rey as pretty much everyone else right now. Her vocals and delivery are spot on, and I just love the build-up in the chorus. Artistically, I'm super intrigued by her style, and I think her videos are pretty provocative. I'm definitely rooting for her."

The single is to be released October 2011 (it's B-side is Blue Jeans

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GRANDADDY - Underneath the Weeping Willow

"Someone was telling me recently about how being near certain trees can help or heal particular ailments. This song distils the nature of a willow tree in that way."

Available on: The Sophtware Slump

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VASHTI BUNYAN - I Want to be Alone

"Vashti is soul music to me, an anodyne. This song makes me want it to be winter again so I can huddle away, work, read, and write. "

Available on: Some Things Just Stick in your Mind

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BJORK - All is Full of Love

"This song is a Bjork classic. It has true, beautiful lyrics and I take this one with me on walks; it helps me love the universe again."

Available on: Homogenic

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GUIDED BY VOICES - King and Caroline

"King and Caroline is my anti-capitalist aphorism of the moment ... 'We're all standing in line / For the King and Caroline / And the wisdom they will sell us / And the wisdom they will sell / Sell!' Yell with them. YELL."

Available on: Alien Lanes

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