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Let's Buy Happiness

"This song makes me want to drink Strongbow. I dont like Strongbow, but, if I did, this would be the song I'd drink it to."

Let's Buy Happiness

SPOILER alert: Already on the tips of the most discerning tongues, Let's Buy Happiness, fronted by the ethereal voice of Sarah Hall,is set to be a biggie this year. Formed when little brother James asked Sarah to join his band, the Newcastle-based five piece struck the right chord with debut EP No Hot Ashes (2009), followed by latest single Fast Fast. "We'd call this 'the mams and girlfriends mix tape'," they told us, "Although mams or girlfriends aren't directly linked to our associations of the songs, they're the only people we've made mix tapes for."  And now for
you, too

Fast Fast

Available on: Fast Fast

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INTERPOL - Untitled

Mark: "Interpol has been a huge influence to me, musically, which isn't surprising for a bassist. The rhythm section drives the band, and Carlos is my all-time favourite bass player. If I could be in any otherband, it would have to be Interpol."

Available on: Turn on the Bright Lights

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Graeme: "Lua has a simplicity that I find influences me. The delicate nature of Conor Oberst's voice is very soothing and the fact that it's just him and his guitar makes this song all the more special."

Available on: I'm Wide Awake it's Morning

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THE WATERBOYS - We will not be Lovers

James K: "I love this song, partly because I was raised on it, and I think it's important to sneak a golden oldie into any compilation. I love everything about this song, but particularly the improvised feel to it; the fiddles and the vocals make me tingle every time."

Available on: Fisherman's Blues

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Sarah: "I love how colourfully Animal Collective use their words; they have inspired the way I write for years. Theres' something that clicks when I hear this track, and it makes me hyper; it's a total mood lifter."

Available on: Feels

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DAN MANGAM - Road Regrets

James K: "I have never listened to anything else by this guy, but I think this particular track is amazing; it just flows from start to finish. Plus my big brother introduced me to the song, so that makes it even better. Watch the music video; it's amazing."

Available on: Nice, Nice, Very Nice

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James H: "This song makes me want to drink Strongbow. I dont like Strongbow, but, if i did, this would be the song I'd drink it to. I'm feeling electro music at the moment, and it has an atmospheric essence that I love."

Available on: Further

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BONOBO - El Toro

James H: "This track has groove and musical maturity. It also makes me want to dance with lots of women at the same time."

Available on: Black Sands

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