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"We are both suckers for Kim Gordon's monotone voice and intense attitude."

Make Overs

Couple Andreas Schönfeldt and Martinique Pelser comprises Make-Overs, the band that’s as integral to Braamfontein’s jungle-punk scene as the basements, rooftops and reception rooms they perform in. Forming out of the ashes of Pretoria noise rockers Sticky Antlers, they’re a band so exciting that Chicago-based record label HoZac Records is releasing their 7" single – further details are still to be announced. All uninhibited passion and raw talent, the duo who’ve been making music together for seven years compile this mix – there’s sure to be something on here that's new to you.


Surf Bored

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Eddy Current Suppression Ring is a great Australian band we discovered in 2010. This song is from their second album Primary Colours. A simplistic but strong-running bass line carries throughout the song with a beautiful treble-guitar melody on top that only breaks away to chords for the more frantic chorus parts. The brilliant lyrics lie somewhere between absolutely profound and taking the piss. They sing about a comatose society hypnotised by programming and advertisement, ending the song with the line, "I switch on and I switch off" repeated.

Available on: Primary Colours

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This is one damn fearsome song from Providence noise duo, Lightning Bolt. Lightning Bolt is Brian Gibson on bass guitar and Brian Chippendale on drums/vocals, together the Brians create a denser, fuller sound than most bands with four or more members. Colossus starts with one of the catchiest bass lines we've ever heard and it builds up until the drums come crashing in, and the whole things explodes into a cacophony of distorted brilliance. The vocals are drenched in a thick wash of delay making it impossible to catch the lyrics, but it's hardly missed since there's so much happening instrumentally.

Available on: Earthly Delights

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THE SHAGGS - Phiolosphy of the World

Three sisters, Betty, Helen and Dorothy Wiggin, from a small town in New Hampshire were encouraged (mostly by their father) to create their strange music. The Shaggs formed around 1967 and have now earned the reputation as the legendary godmothers of outsider music. This song is about jealousy and the way people always want what others have. The Shaggs' philosophy being that we should be grateful and happy with what we have instead of wasting our time being envious. I guess there is a little bit of teenage angst to the song, but it's authentic, earnest, innocent and original.

Available on: Songs in the Key of Z Vol. 1 & 2 (Various Artists)

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SONIC YOUTH - Panty Lies

We are both suckers for Kim Gordon's monotone voice and intense attitude. This is probably one of our all-time favourite Sonic Youth tracks. It starts off with a breezy vocal line over their usual no wave inspired music. The song builds and builds until it implodes into a mesmerising repetitive krautrock groove.

Available on: Washing Machine

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GRAVE BLANKETS - Why Our Love is Real

Why Our Love is Real is a track of off one of Grave Blankets' 7" singles released by HoZac Records in 2001. The vocals are a male/female-call response that works perfectly over the catchy repetitive guitar riff. When we find songs like these we are always amazed that something so instantly catchy and obviously brilliant gets somewhat overlooked in today's over-inflated music industry. With some radio play this song could easily have been a hit single, like so many other great tracks, they are ignored because the production value does not follow the so-called industry norm.

Available on: Our Love is Real

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BOB LOG III - My Shit is Perfect

We love old blues like Leadbelly, Son House, Lightnin' Hopkins, Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker etc., but lately there's been quite a couple of artist in the present time that manage to get that same spark in their music. Bob Log III is definitely one of them: a one man band in a jumpsuit and space mask, singing, playing guitar and drums, all at the same time. To watch him perform is a jaw-dropping experience: he's energetic, fun and he plays the guitar with the same passion that the older blues artists had.

Available on: My Shit is Perfect

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The Contortions were one of the best bands (other than DNA, Suicide, Theoretical Girls) to emerge from the no wave scene in New York. It's spastic jazz played by non-jazz musicians under the direction of James Chance, whose crazy singing techniques were based on James Brown's vocals, but taken to a much more extreme level. Chance wore fancy suits and jackets, which contrasted perfectly with the craziness of his performance. At one show he got so upset with the audience because they were sitting, that he walked into the crowd and tried pulling people up to their feet, and when that didn't help he started slapping them until someone had to restrain him. So much passion is hard to find.

Available on: Soul Exorcism Redux

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