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Gerdus Oosthuizen, NEW HOLLAND

" The first time I kissed my girlfriend, this song was playing"

New Holland

"I made about ten mixed CDs for a road trip the band and I went on," says New Holland's Gerdus Oosthuizen, "like any road trip we had one treffer, it was Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. We sang it at the top of our lungs all the way to the Transkei!" You can now apply your lungs to New Holland's latest single Transkei - off of their anticpated third album, still due for release and currently in concept formation phase at Teejay's Coffeestainedvinyl Studios in Table View. They're on the road again, and here's a new mix.


NEW HOLLAND - Transkei

Available on: Album still to be released

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AIR- Venus

Venus is definitely one of my all time favorite songs from two of my all time favourite musicians. I love the play between minor and major. Air was my first real introduction to minimalist electronic music. It is through them that I became interested in studying electronic music production.

Available on: Talkie Walkie

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To Build a Home is one of the few songs that has literally brought me to tears. The Cinematic Orchestra is one of the best bands in the world but the fact that they make music that is a fusion of jazz and electronics keeps them out the South African main stream. They're one of those bands that I feel possessive about. I feel I discovered them and that no one else knows them. When I heard them on last.fm I bought their whole discography. This song is just piano, vocals and a string arrangement, very romantic. The first time I kissed my girlfriend, this song was playing..

Available on: Ma Fleur

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Arcade Fire is also one of my all time favourite bands. This is a very simple song with a beautiful melody. The main thing that attracted me to Kettles was the great lyrical content - "My hands are covered by the hands of my unborn kids, but my eyes keep watching through the skin in my eyelids."

Available on: Funeral

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RATATAT - Seventeen Years

My first introduction to Ratatat was this song - the first song to make them famous, if I am not mistaken. Ratatat makes great beats and have awesome synthesizer melodies. It's awesome that this music is solid electronica yet the guitar riffs in their stuff inspires me so much as a guitarist.

Available on: Ratatat

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JUSTICE - Phantom Pt II

Everybody knows this band by now. They made electronic house inspired music the new rock 'n roll. These two French guys are definitely rock stars and they are magicians with synthesizers. This stuff is dirty and distorted, yet so melodic. Phantom Pt II is one of my favourite songs off of Justice's debut album, Cross. It's also great to exercise and work to. Genius.

Available on: Cross

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I've not much to say about this song except that I really like it.

Available on: Miike Snow

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I really like this song and it's quite a recent treffer.

Available on: Family

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