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"[There's] a cheeky, kitsch chorus that should make you cringe, but makes you smile instead."

New Young Pony Club

DEBUT album, Fantastic Playroom (2007) earned New Young Pony Club a Mercury nomination and much praise for their nu rave, new wave and dance punk sound. Combining Tahita Bulmer's deadpan vocals with a fashion forward club sound, NYPC established itself on the UK dance scene. With the release of their second full length album The Optimist (2010) and a tour to South Africa, guitarist Andy Spence makes a mix tape to celebrate and ends it off with a salvaged NYPC track.



Available on: The Optimist

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BEACH HOUSE - 10 Mile Stereo

I heard the single Norway on the radio and went and bought the album Teen Dream. Her vocal is just so lush and warm but has this edge to it, too. You don't hear a voice like this very often and it transports me somewhere fantastic every time I hear it.

Available on: Teen Dream

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YELLO - Bostich

A friend came round and reminded me of this song which is just so unique as Yello were generally. Way ahead of their time with the dance style, programmed keyboards and effects. It's also quite hooky in a very unusual way.

Available on: Essential Yello

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LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - Dance Yrself Clean

Obviously I wanted to hear the new LCD album as soon as possible and this is the first song from it. It starts with a very tentative and fragile style vocal sung over a loop but halfway through the song suddenly explodes into electro, dance heaven. It's a great contrast.

Available on: This Is Happening

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TELEX - Moskow Diskow

Again, heard something on the radio by this old band recently and decided to investigate more. This track stands out and is a bit of an underground classic, apparently. Very cool electro production with a cheeky kitsch chorus that should make you cringe, but makes you smile instead.

Available on: Looking For Saint-Tropez

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The first time I heard this was at a small in-store show Darwin Deez did recently. Darwin is creating a bit of a buzz and you can see why; it's instantly infectious, uplifting stuff with a really solid groove. This track, in particular, made the crowd move.

Available on: Darwin Deez

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B.E.F - The Secret Life Of Arabia

This song always comes up first on my iPod for some reason. It's a dub mix, or what they called in those days the extended 12" mix. I've never even heard the original. I love the vocal and the way he sort of wails it, plus the beats are all 80s funk with really stiff drums and slap bass everywhere.

Available on: Methods of Dance

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Normally I wouldn't be listening to our own music that much, to be honest, but this song was recently salvaged from the album sessions. It was originally the end to We Want To but felt a bit over the top in the end. It's all about the massive breakdown, obviously.

Available on: We Want To (EP)

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