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"Every single person who ever walked away from you has been waiting for all these years in the stuttered pauses of Jimmy Scott's castrato."

Parenthetical Girls

PARENTHETICAL Girls are selling their latest EP Privilege Pt.II: The Past, Imperfect as a limited edition vinyl. Each of the 500 vinyls will be hand-numbered in the blood of Parenthetical Girl Rachael Jensen (left). "Less than a month ago I purchased a second-hand, dual head cassette recorder from a charity shop, with the expressed purpose of crafting a pair of tapes for a lover's car stereo," Zac Pennington (right) tells The Weekly Mix Tape, "The contents of said cassettes were uncannily similar to the mix presented here, which should give some indication of the context. For the record: the tape recorder has since been binned. Among other things."


Young Throats

Available on: Privilege Pt II: The Past, Imperfect

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CELEBRATION - Heartbreak

Because I am old, and because old people are frightened by the new things that young people make, it only stands to reason that I am mostly terrified of contemporary music. One notable exception in pretty regular rotation at the convalescent home is Celebration, whose Heartbreak is included here primarily to give this dour mix something of a pulse.

Available on: The Modern Tribe

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JIMMY SCOTT - Nothing Compares 2 U

Every single person who ever walked away from you has been waiting for all these years in the stuttered pauses of Jimmy Scott's castrato. It is impossible to have a good day after listening to this song.

Available on: Holding Back the Years

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SCOTT WALKER - On your own Again

One of Scott's most succinct and evocative originals - the sum of its abstract, snapshot imagery a perfectly elusive picture of love lost and isolation. I am a fan of any song that can manage to break your heart, and still clock in under the two-minute mark.

Available on: Scott 4

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BOB LIND - Cool Summer

As you read this, Bob Lind is probably playing some shitty dive in Boca Raton, Florida - his voice still strangely intact. He's there, quietly performing a handful of the most beautiful, awkwardly verbose songs ever written. Songs without proper choruses to speak of, with confoundingly elaborate rhythmic patterns while Bob Dylan continues to play crowded amphitheatres for $100 a head or whatever. In case you still imagined there was such a thing as justice.

Available on: The Trip - Curated By Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey

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THE GO-BETWEENS - Dive for your Memory

Like many of the best Go-Betweens songs, Dive For Your Memory comes off deceptively sappy on first listen - a case that's never been particularly aided by the group's consistently crystalline production values. But what's so great about it is Robert Forster's occasional tone of ambivalence to his departed love, even as he begs for her to reconsider. He opens the song with a couplet that, for me at least, undermines all of the sentiment that follows and yet every measure of sentiment still manages to cripple upon impact. Good show, sad man.

Available on: 16 Lovers Lane

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TIMI YURO - Permanently Lonely

A spiteful Willie Nelson number made famous by the lovely lady Yuro. I've always felt more fellowship with the accused than with the song's martyred narrator. Which probably says more about me than the song.

Available on: Bubbling Under: Volume 1

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SMOG - Chosen One

Some twenty years on, Bill Callahan still somehow makes the act of near-constant emotional resignation sound totally fresh and heartbreaking. But he never said it better than he did here.

Available on: Accumulation: None

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