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"I recently made a mixtape for Yannis from Foals as they are touring Europe and Australia. Unfortunately for them, this mix is better than the one I sent them."

Pulled Apart By Horses

LAUDED as one of the most thrilling live acts in Britain, Pulled Apart By Horses are loud and reckless - this shouty foursome creates blood-spattering shows that sometimes result in hospital visits for band members. If you aren't UK bound, however, their eponymous debut album manages to capture that same energy. Here, James Brown lists some good'uns to get you going.


PULLED APART BY HORSES - Back to the Fuck Yeah

Available on: Pulled Apart By Horses

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CURSIVE - The Recluse

This is a beautiful song I discovered by hearing the band play live at a festival we were billed together on. It’s a sleepy, woeful tale of longing for a lady and not being be able to get out of bed. Reminds me of someone I know ;)

Available on: The Ugly Organ

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THIS ET AL - The Loveliest Alarm

Fellow Leeds band This Et Al is now defunct but still remains one my favourite guitar acts. Discovered them through playing Leeds in my old band and this was the first track I heard by them on record. All I can say is just listen to it!

Available on: Baby Machine

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Probably my favourite band at the moment and this recent single is a floor- pounding, rock wonder. Amazing drum work and the guitar lines make you twitch like you have a physical tick!

Available on: Fire Like This

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Oh Rufus! His mother died quite recently and his recent Long Player moves you to the point of tears. Whether the album was written before or after her death it does make you want to listen to his every word so carefully. Martha is his sister and he seems to be calling after her in this track.

Available on: All Days are Nights: Songs for Lulu

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Another recent single to liven the pace up a bit. You can't fault anything this man does. This song is quite poppy and almost reminds me of early Blur in places. Also, drunk girls are more fun than drunk boys. Fact!

Available on: This is Happening

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OWEN PALLET - Midnight Directives

Formerly known as Final Fantasy, Owen has written a dramatic, yet delicate new record and this opening track entices and invites you into his new world as if you're a special guest. Strings, percussion and swelling vocals: awesome.

Available on: Heartland

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ROLO TOMASSI - Party Wounds

Might as well top it off with some noise, but good noise! And who does this best right now? ROLO DO! Take off your t-shirt, close your bedroom door, crack open some beer, volume to spinal tap level and press play!!!!!!

Available on: Cosmology

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