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Andy Burrows - SMITH & BURROWS

"I used to play the glockenspiel in a brass-band version of this song, when I was little."

Smith & Burrows

DOES the sound of Editors' Tom Smith's vocals give you goosebumps? How about Christmas time just around the corner? Smith in collaboration with Andy Burrows (of I am Arrows and former Razorlight drummer) have recorded the kind of Christmas album they'd want to stick on after Christmas lunch, and the kind you, as a discerning music listener, would want to cozy up to after roast turkey and cranberry sauce, too. Called Funny Looking Angels, it also features a guest vocal from Agnes Obel in sweet, cuddle-up-to-the-fire duet with Tom on The Christmas Song. Here are Andy Burrows' favourite traditional Christmas tunes. Chestnuts, anyone?


SMITH & BURROWS - When the Thames Froze

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THE POGUES Feat. KIRSTY MACCOLL - Fairytale of New York

"This is simply the best Christmas song of all time."

Available on: Fairytale of New York (Single)

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BAND AID - Do They Know It's Christmas?

"Geldof, Bananarama and Phil Collins ... pure Chrimbo genius!"

Available on: Do They Know It's Christmas? (Single)

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PAUL MCCARTNEY - Wonderful Christmastime

"I love pretty much everything by Paul McCartney, so this Christmas offering is no exception."

Available on: McCartney II

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FRANK SINATRA - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

"I love this song so much. It's so pretty. I used to play the glockenspiel in a brass-band version of this song, when I was little."

Available on: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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BING CROSBY - White Christmas

"The classic, all-time, ultimate Christmas classic. We tried a version of this for Funny Looking Angels, but it simply didn't come close, so we scrapped the idea."

Available on: White Christmas

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MARIAH CAREY - All I Want for Christmas is You

"No Christmas is complete without this cheesy masterpiece! It evokes fond memories of jumping around the living room to it with my sister."

Available on: Merry Christmas

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SMITH & BURROWS - This Ain't New Jersey

"Tom and I wrote this song together for Funny Looking Angels. If I'm making a mix tape for someone, then it seems only right to include something we've written ourselves!"

Available on: Funny Looking Angels

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