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"This is heavy shit, just for banging around to."


Zombies Are Making Love tells a beautiful story about a guy and a girl who are let's just say "making love" when they're pounced upon by a mob of zombies. But not all is as it would first appear, as the zombies don't want to eat the couple, but join in with the festivities. Storyteller Brazilian Diogo Strausz is an electro musician and resident DJ at Helvética SSS who lists his influences as Final Fantasy, Justice, Chemical Brothers, Queens of Stone Age and daft Daft Punk. He compiles mixes for a living, so no surprise that this is a goody that's going to get you dancing – even if only in your chair.


Zombies Are Making Love (Story Mode)

Available on: Zombies Are Making Love (EP)

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BLENDE – Egypto

“I just love this track's vibe, especially the harmonic progression and the acoustic drums in the middle of it.”

Available on: Egypto / One-sided

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SIRIUSMO – Feromonikon

“This song has a kind of sense of humour that I really identify with. The beginning has those cartoon sounds and then it all just dries into a squared singular synth.”

Available on: Feromonikon / Signal

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DOLBY ANOL – American Express

"I fell in love with the initial drum solo and on the track’s progression. It starts off really dry but in the end it's like a powerful squared synth.”

Available on: Whet Whet Whet

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D.I.M. & TAI – Glass

“Glass has a disco melancholic vibe and some nice drums as well, plus I really like the harmonic part.”

Available on: Miami Noize 2011

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LFO – Freak

"This is heavy shit, just for banging around to."

Available on: Freak

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SQUAREPUSHER – Cryptic Motion ( Mr Oizo remix)

Cryptic Moon is of my favourite tracks of all time. It’s a great mix of humour, and Squarepusher's slap and progression is so different from anything I’ve ever heard in electronic music.”

Available on: Shobaleader One: Cryptic Motion (Single)

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