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"If you shine too much light on a song like this, I think it loses its appeal, so enough said."

The Jezabels

THE Jezabels is a Sydney, Australia-based band consisting of Hayley Mary, Heather Shannon, Nik Kaloper and Samuel Lockwood. Kaloper compiles this mix, which he’s named ‘ROFL Vol. 1’. “The last time I compiled a mix tape was for a girl,” he tells us. “How High Fidelity of me! It was before I had any reasonable grasp on the type of music she was interested in, which turned out to be hip hop and electro. I found out, months later, that she thought it was a terrible mix, and didn’t like any of the songs on it.”


Hurt Me

Available on: She's so Hard (EP)

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THE LOCUST – Aotkpta

I've loved this band for a pretty long time now and the first track on their latest album is one of the most incredible rhythmic compositions I reckon I've ever heard. It always gets my heart racing. Gabe Serbian, The Locust's drummer, has inspired me since I started playing the drums. While I rarely get to drum this way for The Jezabels, I like the challenge of trying to incorporate complex and frenetic drumming into what are essentially pop songs.

Available on: New Erections

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SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE – Song About an Angel

I had to include Song About an Angel in the playlist, because I regard Sunny Day Real Estate as the band that got me into music. As in MUSIC, music. I had brief stints listening to hardcore, industrial techno, Limp Bizkit, Korn, and so on, not to say that this isn't music, but retrospectively I never felt passionate about it. I still hold a soft spot for this song and, 10 years later, I finally got to see Sunny Day Real Estate at Soundwave Festival in Melbourne. It was incredible..

Available on: Diary

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MAKE BELIEVE – Plants Dance

I fell in love with Make Believe when I realised that technical rhythm and complex time signatures could also lend themselves to catchy foot-tapping hooks. My usual dosage of this is found in metal and heavy music. Bands like Make Believe, Maps, and Atlases have explored this stuff within a type of lo-fi alternative sound that I had already liked. For me, this band is sorta like having your cake and eating it, too.

Available on: Of Course

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THE NATIONAL – Bloodbuzz Ohio

I've always found it relatively difficult to articulate why I like certain songs. This is definitely one of them. Something about the way the lyrics match the music in this song is impeccable. Since I've been in The Jezabels I've really broadened my taste in music, I was about four years late with The Arcade Fire, but these days I find them to be pretty incredible. The National is one of those bands that I never really thought I'd like, until I heard this song. It opened a door.

Available on: High Violets

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DAVID BAZAN – Cold Beer and Cigarettes

David Bazan (ex Pedro The Lion) recorded this song (also known as The Devil is Beating his Wife on the Fewer Moving Parts EP on a Macbook mic and a few overdubs for harmonies. It reminds me that a good song speaks for itself no matter how it sounds. I've liked Bazan and Pedro the Lion since I was about 14, and hearing the story his albums tell, when you're listening to them chronologically, is like reading a good book. From addict, to devout Christian, to Atheist, you get a sense of his life story (either fictional, autobiographical, or a little of both) when you listen to all of his songs. While he never makes an effort to tell the listener how to think, his continual questioning of everything from the nuclear family and religion, to alcoholism and corporate advertising, force you to ask similar questions in your own life. Very engaging stuff.

Available on: Fewer Moving Parts (EP)

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BJÖRK – Hyper-Ballad

I've always appreciated Björk's capacity to explore music and push the boundaries creatively. Having firstly heard the single Oh So Quiet, a brass-driven big-band piece, and recently getting into Medulla (especially Where is the line?) which is an album made using just voices, you can appreciate her tendency to challenge herself musically. I love the urgency of the beat in this song, and her desperate vocals. This is another one of those songs that I can't explain why I like it.

Available on: Post

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GARETH LIDDIARD – Strange Tourist

I first heard this song played live at Laneway Festival in Brisbane, earlier this year. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I have liked The Drones and Gareth Liddiard's unrelenting drawl for a few years now. But the story that this song tells, going for nearly 7 and a half minutes, pulls me in every time. It doesn't feel like a long song when you listen to it; I always wait for the next verse to start, and feel sad when it ends. If you shine too much light on a song like this I think it loses its appeal, so enough said.

Available on: Strange Tourist

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