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The Lovely Eggs

"I Did Acid With Caroline is a great song and we'd love to meet Caroline some day."

The Lovely Eggs

FORMED in 2006 in England, The Lovely Eggs is an indie-punk duo consisting of married couple Holly Ross and David Blackwell. Accented with obscure lyrics, playful instrumentation and Holly's Lancaster inflection, the music is perky and cheeky. Holly and David are quite evidently fanatical about listening to music, too: "This compilation is called C60/C90. It includes some of our favourite bands from around the 60s and the 90s. Get it? Some of the releases were made either side of the decade but it's close enough for jazz!"


Don't Look at Me (I Don't Like it)

Available on: Cob Dominos

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SONIC YOUTH - Teenage Riot

Holly: Sonic Youth is my all time favourite band. I first saw them live when I was about 15 and was totally blown away by them. Kim Gordon is just the best.
David: I first went to see them with Holly at Eurockéennes Festival on the French border and I was really hoping that they would play this song.When they did it was amazing hearing it live. We also both went to see the Daydream Nation tour when they performed the whole album and, of course, this was one of the highlights. Teenage Riot captures the spirit of youthful rebellion. Daydream Nation was released in 1988, so what?

Available on: Daydream Nation

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THE WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND - A Child of A Few Hours is Burning to Death

Holly and David: We first got introduced to The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band by a friend. They were a relatively obscure group from LA in the 60s (although they were signed to Reprise) and through the years have attracted a cult following. Many of their records being reissued on CD and vinyl. They have quite an interesting story: they were a young band who got taken up by a rich guy from LA called Bob Markley who then played tambourine for the band. He was the guy with the money and he insisted the last album (in total they recorded 6) be released under his name even though he didn't write or sing any of the songs. It's called Bob Markley- A Group and it's a real gem, and a very rare find on the original vinyl. We are lucky and found a copy in a record store in Memphis.

Available on: A Child’s Guide to Good and Evil

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Holly and David: We are both massive fans of Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair. Their song writing is so simple but so honest and beautifully raw. We were lucky enough to record with Jad last year while we were playing SXSW. He is an amazing guy. He took us to his house and we met all his animals; He has horses and a giant dog and other smaller dogs. Then he took us to see [American singer, songwriter] Roky Erickson. This is a great song and we'd love to meet Caroline some day.

Available on: It's Spooky

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PINK FLOYD - See Emily Play

Holly and David: One of the musical influences of The Lovely Eggs is Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd; We think he was a total genius. What gets documented the most is his battle with mental illness, which, sadly, overshadows his work as an amazing songwriter and lyricist. See Emily Play is a great example of how amazing and talented he was. The fact that Pink Floyd got shit after Syd's departure shows how important he was to the band.

Available on: Relics

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JONATHAN RICHMAN - That Summer Feeling

Holly and David: Although our favourite tunes by Jonathan Richman are perhaps the early stuff he did in 1973 with The Modern Lovers, we have seen him live a couple of times with his new set up (with an acoustic guitar and backed by drummer Tommy Larkins) and he is just amazing to watch live. So full of energy and sincerity. In our opinion, this is one of his best songs from his post Modern Lovers era. Loads of bands have covered his music (Noise Addict do a great version of Back in Your Life) and he's a great inspiration to many bands today.We've also been fortunate enough to meet him and he's the nicest chap ever.
Holly: In Manchester, I managed to get backstage with a friend and when I told Jonathan I had to leave because David was getting kicked out of the venue by the bouncers who were closing up he said, "I'm not breaking up no party!" and walked out into the venue, made me pick out David and his friend so they could join us. He let us drink all his rider because I don't think he drinks and played guitar to us. David was quizzing him on the lyrics to Pablo Picasso and he was just so nice about it.
David: We met him again a few years later in New York. We turned up to a sold out show thinking there would be tickets and when Jonathan walked through the doors right before he played, he saw me without a ticket and just took us in with him. We absolutely love him and his songs. They are so nostalgic and fun.

Available on: I, Jonathan

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THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - Lady Godiva's Operation

Holly and David: We love everything off the first three Velvet Underground albums, so we chose Lady Godiva's Operation because we wanted to go for one with the original lineup of Cale, Reed, Tucker and Morrison. We love the way Lou Reed's voice comes in really dry in one speaker for certain lines to give that real-obvious stereo effect. Listen to this one through headphones.

Available on: White Light/White Heat

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NIRVANA - Negative Creep

Holly: Although this isn't from the 90s (it was released by Sub Pop in 1989) Nirvana were perhaps the most influential band of that decade. Their music completely shaped my life and, along with bands like Hole and PJ Harvey and Huggy Bear, gave me the confidence and fuck-you attitude to pick up a guitar when I was 14 and form a band. Negative Creep is full of that raw angst that I really identified with, which is why I think Nirvana became such an important band to so many people.

Available on: Bleach

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