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Eksteen Jacobsz, THE SICK-LEAVES

"I first heard Florence and the Machine's version of You've Got the Love on the radio, while I was sitting in Joburg traffic."

The Sick-Leaves

THE Sick-Leaves is the solo project of Pretoria-based musician Eksteen Jacobsz. A SAMA (South African Music Awards) nominated artist, Jacobsz‘s Coz You Like It is as hair-rock as you‘ll find this side of the 90s; taken from his third full-length album Last Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (2010). “Angus Young (AC/DC) is a huge influence,” he says, “The first time I heard Hell’s Bells it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It personifies power, swagger and attitude.” Here he compiles a mix that carries each of those qualities.
(Photo courtesy of Sean Brand.)


Coz You Like It

Available on: Last Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy

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ARCADE FIRE - Empty Room

I feel like this track is so out of character for Arcade Fire; maybe that’s why it works so well. It seems as if Sonic Youth recorded that incessant, guitar bend with them. Passionate and intense, with perfect drum-fills in the chorus.

Available on: The Suburbs

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American Slang has an amazing melody, with fantastic dynamics; loud, soft, loud. I’ve been a fan of The Gaslight Anthem since hearing The ’59 Sound and then seeing Brian Fallon sing with Bruce Springsteen at Hyde Park completely cemented my fan status.

Available on: American Slang

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MUSE - Hysteria

The mother of all bass lines and an epic guitar solo, what more can you ask for?

Available on: Absolution

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I first heard Florence and the Machine's version of You've Got the Love on the radio, while I was sitting in Joburg traffic. There is so much soul in it that it makes me believe there are still artists out there who’re not just in it for the fame, or money. She is truly an amazing talent, and I can listen to this song ten times in a row

Available on: Between Two Lungs

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I bought Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's debut album when I was living in London in 2002, and the first time I listened to it was through headphones. Love Burns was the first track and it blew my head off. I couldn’t believe this was a three piece. My disbelief was even greater when I saw them for the first time live at Shepherd’s Bush. Amazing.

Available on: B.R.M.C.

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THE BEATLES - She Said She Said

She Said She Said has a fantastic opening guitar line; with an infectious vocal melody. The song moves around quite a bit when it comes to chord structure, but this is, for me, John Lennon at his very best. There is such a contrast between the upbeat melody and the very dark lyrics.

Available on: Revolver

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