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Colin von Berg - US KIDS KNOW

"This sounds like some whacked-out rendition of that old Afrikaans song, Jan Pierewiet "

Us Kids Know

Home-knitted jerseys, Magnum P.I ‘taches and creepy press photos aside, Us Kids Know should be taken seriously. Already a household name in Joburg circles, Colin von Berg and Chad Polley’s awkward style and inspired instrumental songs are hand-reared moments of unabashed fun that doesn’t hint at yesteryear but screams it from the building tops. Cleverly releasing their latest offering only on cassette tape, in conjunction with a Hruki designed band t-shirt, takes us back to a time where music was a keep sake.


Us Kids Know - PROBLEMS

Available on: PROBLEMS

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ARIEL PINK'S HAUNTED GRAFFITI - The List (My Favourite Song)

If you've ever made a mix, or a list just like this, I think you'll know what Ariel Pink is talking about here. So many of my favourite songs are Ariel Pink songs and the only reason I chose this one is 'cause it's just such a clever track to start off with. He makes the beats with his mouth, and if you listen carefully you can hear his bedroom in the background.

Available on: Scared Famous

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THE HOSPITALS - Dream Damage

This sounds like some whacked-out rendition of that old Afrikaans song Jan Pierewiet It has such a rad guitar riff and I'm glad they pretty much just kept it that way. The Hospitals aren't normally as nice, they're like proper rock and roll.

Available on: Hairdryer Peace

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AMPERSAND - Still Life

Listening to Ampersand's This is not a Drill brings to mind the likes of Daniel Johnston, Devendra Banhart's The Black Babies EP, and Isaac Brock circa Sad Sappy Sucker and his answering machine recordings. When I met Warren Cohen he said he'd never really heard any of this stuff. I often think he's too good to be true. Some of the best melodies I've ever heard out the mouth of a local.

Available on: This Is Not A Drill

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At some point, growing up, you start hunting for as much music as you can get a grip on. My parents had these box set CDs of love and pop hits from throughout the decades. I climbed in and remember discovering this track and really digging the vibes. While compiling my list I read up about the single on Wikipedia and looking back now I guess part of the novelty was that it's an instrumental rock song. Also, I like the fact that they purposely wanted the cymbals to sound like waves.

Available on: The Pious Bird of Good Omen

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MODEST MOUSE - Dramamine

This song is such a trip. The title refers to a motion sickness drug and it's the opening track on the suitably named This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About. The time it was released I was still in high school and really into Blur and The Smashing Pumpkins. When I got to varsity it was those debuts by The Strokes and Interpol. Then I borrowed a Canadian exchange student's CD wallet. This album went straight onto cassette and into the tape player of my car. It must have stayed there for months. Can't really/don't really feel the need to put into anymore words what this band means to me. Another one of those wonders where their early work is the best, and the members had all like just basically reached their 20s when they recorded this stuff.

Available on: This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About

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HELLA - Biblical Violence

My first math rock band. I'd never heard anything else quite like it, especially the drumming. Zach Hill - I find I still just can't comprehend how he does what he does, and I've yet to look up any live footage. Apparently there's a DVD of theirs where he ends up breaking a limb or something while playing. Now that's more understandable. I recall an acquaintance mistaking this for some sort of heavy electronic stuff. It's just two guys playing guitar and drums.

Available on: Hold Your Horse Is

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ABE VIGODA - The Garden

I love the sounds these guys get out of their guitars. And the drummer is something else too. Their album Skeleton is a real winner for me and this track has everything I adore about them; repetitive grooves, pretty hooks and noisy freak-outs. The lyrics throughout are mostly nonsensical but they're sung so sincere and sentimental and stuff. I really like the line "Trust in this life, there is no other. Look in my eyes for I am your brother".

Available on: Skeleton

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