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"[This song] feels like it could've been used as the soundtrack to the original Batman TV game on Nintendo."


Christian Henn is Vampire9000. His debut EP has just been released through So Many Animal Calls Music, and it might just be our fave local EP of the year. "Due to an unfortunate Banjo injury, I had to go under the knife earlier this year. I don't react well to narcotics, so I compiled enough music to last me for at least two days," says Henn about his mix tape experience. "After the surgery, I woke up long enough to ask a nurse to give me pain killers and to also put my headphones on. I was out for a full day. It was the best. Though I was unconscious, I was aware of the music the whole time and the songs made me so happy."


VAMPIRE9000 - Colours

Available on: Colours (EP)

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"This EP easily takes the cake when it comes to my favourite releases of 2011. They're a baroque-math-pop band originating from Brooklyn NY fronted by Charlie Looker (ex Dirty Projectors). Run Cold feels like it could've been used as the soundtrack to the original Batman TV game on Nintendo. It's dark, dramatic and fun."

Available on: Ripped Heart

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JOHN MAUS - Head for the Country

"John Maus sounds like the grimy younger brother of Joy Division. He lists influences such as Beethoven, Mahler, Schoenberg, Pink Floyd, Chopin and Slayer. What's not to like?"

Available on: We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves

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"I only very recently got into Arial Pink. Especially The Doldrums record. I was busy cooking supper one evening, and this album was playing in the background. This song came on. That was the first moment I recall falling in love with Arial Pink. It was one of those, 'what's playing' moments? When you drop whatever you're doing because a song/album takes hold of you?"

Available on: The Doldrums

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DIRTY PROJECTORS - Temecula Sunrise

"New York, New York."

Available on: Bitte Orca

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"I don't think that I can ever make a mix tape and not include this band. They are definitely one of my favourite bands of all time. I don't know what it is about the Danes, it must be something in the water or all the cycling, but they really just can't help but produce such friendly and flippen awesome work."

Available on: Tripper / Springer

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KAADA - No Man's Land

"The concept behind this album is that each song is a mini-soundtrack to a hypothetical film. It's a very pretty record with a lot of detail in each song."

Available on: Music for Movie Bikers

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"These boys are not only one of my favourite bands in this country, but they're very handsome too! Slow came out last year, and is one of the most underrated albums to have come out of this country. At their last show, I was bitching to CF (their gargantuan frontman), because they had never performed Tatters live. As he was listening to my rant, a sarcastic smirk came over his face. At the time I did not realise what it mean t... Half way through their first song, joy came over me, they where playing Tatters."

Available on: Slow

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