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Kevin Johnson, WEEKEND

"These guys reminded me that most shoegaze music has come from total dorks."


SPORTS, so named because of the battle of the sides between noise and melody, is the debut album from Weekend. “Shaun [Durkan] and I, as well as doing Weekend, organise all-ages shows in San Francisco called Strange Dogs,” says guitarist Kevin Johnson. “We try to get the really good, and weirder, bands that wouldn’t usually get a gig at a bar, and through a cheap show in an underground space. I found about 100 tapes at work that someone was throwing out so I am working on a mix to put on them and give out at the next Strange Dogs show.” Weekend also includes drummer Abe Pedroza.


Coma Summer

Available on: Sports

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I saw these guys when they were in town recently, for a reunion tour. Breather was definitely the highlight of the show: it's such an incredible song. They played it on two 12-string guitars. These guys reminded me that most shoegaze music has come from total dorks.

Available on: Whirlpool

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The latest Crystal Castles album came out earlier this year but I only just bought it. These guys (and gal) are amazing. It's all-around, great, electronic music. They write better bangers than any of the electro bands, and with more emotion and interesting arrangements than any chill-wave bro could. Listening to this album it's like those two worthless fads in electronic music never happened.

Available on: Crystal Castles (II)

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I don't know much about this guy except that he lives in Louisiana and we have been trying to play a show with him for a year and a half. This track, I think, is his best yet, and I have been listening to it a bunch. Most of the time I get really annoyed with lo-fi production, but on this track the blown-out drums and tin can vocals give me a feeling of desperation that I think is totally relevant.

Available on: Lead Riders (EP)

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ARCADE FIRE - We Used to Wait

I think it is so cool that Arcade Fire is unafraid to write an album with epic, fist-pumping statements rivalling any Springsteen anthem. Arcade Fire has always been so ambitious musically, conceptually, and with their career; I really like that. Today, so much music is blasé and forgettable, and I think Arcade Fire is addressing that intentionally with their music and in their lyrics.

Available on: The Suburbs

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COCTEAU TWINS - Love’s Easy Tears

I found this 12-inch Cocteau Twins EP at the thrift store for a dollar the other day, and have been listening to it a lot. The production on everything they did was so different and perfect. Cocteau Twins have s lot of really good songs. I'm also really into their album artwork, which was done by this graphic design firm who did a lot of 4AD stuff at that time called 23 Envelope. The artwork for Blue Bell Knoll, which I also picked up for a dollar that day, is also amazing.

Available on: Lullabies to Violaine, Vol. One

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NO AGE - Glitter

Got the new No Age album, and have been really digging it. I really respect this band for a lot of reasons, but mostly for staying true to themselves and their vision, despite recent success. Their new album is at times very dark, which keeps it raw.

Available on: Everything In Between

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