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Ben Jolliffe - YOUNG GUNS

"This one has a great feel to it that makes it perfect for listening to while lying in your bunk after a heavy night."

Young Guns

TIPPED as the next great British rock band with their debut album, All Our Kings Are Dead, Young Guns hope to further fortify the hype with follow-up album, Bones, and have 14 live UK shows lined up in support of the album's release. Having already clocked up an impressive amount of touring hours – they've supported the sell-out headline shows of Bon Jovi and Lostprophets – they know which songs are best to listen to through headphones after a raucous gig. Drummer Ben Jolliffe compiles this, aptly called 'The After Show Playlist'.



Available on: Bones

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SIGUR ROS - Festival

"This is one of my favourite songs ever written and I love the way the song builds. I Iisten to this one every day on tour; it'’s so chilled and has such an uplifting vibe towards the end."

Available on: Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

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THRICE - The Whaler

"Thrice can do no wrong for me; I love every record they've put out. Water in particular is such an amazing chilled side to The Alchemy Index. I could have picked any song from Water, really."

Available on: The Alchemy Index: Vol. 2 - Water

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BON IVER - Beth/Rest

"I can listen to Bon Iver all day and every day; they are such a great band. Beth/Rest is an amazing end to such an incredible album. It was hard to decide what song to pick as I love them all but I think this one edges it. I listen to their records constantly on tour."

Available on: Bon Iver

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M83 - Wait

"I never got into M83 until Hurry Up, We'’re Dreaming. It’'s such a great album. This one has a great feel to it that makes it perfect for listening to while lying in your bunk after a heavy night."

Available on: Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

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EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY - Last Known Surroundings

"I always revert to Explosions at night as they have so many great chilled songs. All their songs sound so great listened to through headphones. There's a great dynamic in their sound."

Available on: Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

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RADIOHEAD - High and Dry

"High and Dry is such a simple yet brilliant song. I remember hearing it first when I was a kid and loving it. And years later I still listen to it nonstop."

Available on: The Bends

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JONSI - Tornado

"I’ve always been a massive Sigur Ros fan and Jonsi’s record, called Go, is just flawless. The instrumentation is next level; it's so inventive and unique."

Available on: Go

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